Now you are having a good channel name, good about page, good thumbnails next what is needed to grow youtube channel?

The next mission is to start posting videos with consistency.

What is Consistency?
It’s a thing which you do on a regular basis without fail.
Remember this step is one among the main steps in getting success in YouTube. If you fail in this step everything else fails.

The YouTube Algorithm depends on this step. The more consistent you are, the more good the youtube algorithm works in your favour.

What is Consistency in YouTube?
It’s nothing but the number of videos you post on a day to day basis.
There are people who post daily 1 video, there are people who post weekly 3 videos, weekly 1 video etc….

If You post monthly one video (or) posting randomly, I don’t think it is consistent. In order to maintain consistency you have to post video on regular basis at least once in a week.

It’s also nice if you post your video at the same time each day.

For Example:
If on Day 1 you are posting your video at 9:00 AM, make sure you follow the same time routine for all your videos as much as possible.
Along with Consistency your videos should also have unique content which will grow youtube channel.

All the very best for your channel growth!

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