Tags are helpful because they are used by search engines to position you in organic searches. They are also used by YouTube to associate your videos with others containing similar content.

● When tagging, think of unique &
popular tags that include your
keyword phrases.
● Consider using your city, brand,
language and relevant topics.

●Use both singular and plural
● Tagging with related topics and
keywords can help your videos to
appear under “related content”,
ultimately providing you with
another good way to reach viewers
who are watching similar videos.
● you can also just use your main
keyword as tags

For Example:
If your video is about “Learn Python”
try to add tags like:

#python #learn python #learning python #learn python in english
#python course #python programming course
#learn python course

How to find tags for your YouTube Video?

In order find tags for your youtube video, first find any popular video similar to your video in youtube and copy the video link.

Paste the copied link in this website & submit to get tags.

How to Find & Set Tags for your YouTube Video?

copy & use that tags for your video.

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