Choosing the right channel name:

YouTube is the second most used search
engine in the world after Google.

It has over two billion users worldwide.
With these in mind, it’s easy to
understand how important and necessary
it is to choose the right name for your
YouTube channel.

As face is the index of your mind, the
channel name is the index for your

Channel Name is one of the first few
things which visitors notice at first.
So it is very important to have the right
channel name.

So What is the right channel name?
The right channel name is the one which
has the combination of unique word plus
most common keyword.

For Example:
Case 1: (The Right one)

Channel Name: “John’s Digital Marketing

When you see the name “John’s Digital
Marketing Tips” it is both unique as well it
has a common keyword which is highly
searched in youtube.

Case 2:
Channel Name: “John Albert”
Also a good one but the problem with this
type of channel name is many people will
not know what your channel content is at
the first glance.

Remember you have to attract a visitor in
the first few seconds. If you are already
famous you can easily use your name as
the channel name but if you are not, it’s
always good to use your name along with
the most common keyword.

Case 3:
Channel Name: “Digital Marketing Tips”
The problem with this type of name is
that there are hundreds of similar names
already present in YouTube. The goal is to
stand out unique.

The more unique you are the more good
the algorithm works in your favour.

Among all the 3 cases I personally feel
that case 1 is the most effective one.

“Your Major Content Keyword should be
in your channel name, that works good
for YouTube algorithm”

Names that you should not use for your
YouTube Channel:

  1. Names with Long Numbers
    Example: DigitalMarketing1465667
  2. Names with no relation to your
    channel’s content
  3. Names with crazy symbols
    Example: John@lbert
  4. Very Long Names
    Grow Your YouTube Channel Exclusively
    Users won’t be able to remember long
    names, make sure you have it short and
    I think by now you have an idea of what
    to name your channel.

All the very best for your channel!

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