Now Video Upload is Finished, video Title is finished.
The next step is to work on video description.

The goal here is to make a description that is not too lengthy nor too small.
People don’t come to YouTube to read your description but they come to watch your video, so making it too lengthy is not a good choice.

But Instead making it look compact is a good choice

Also Try to add some links inside your description. Links add a weightage to your description. Make sure the links you add are reliable, don’t add untrustworthy links or poor links.

Your Description text should be unique, please don’t copy description text from other’s videos. Try to make it Unique. The more unique is
it, the more good for you.

Make sure your video keywords are also present in the description. Use your keyword two to three times in description for best results. Repetition lets YouTube know that a particular term is relevant to your video.

Make sure the first two-lines of your description are too good, because search engines display the first few lines in search results very often.

*Don’t forget to credit your sources
If you had used someone else’s images, music, or footage in your video? List them in your video description, along with their links….

Crediting your sources is the fair thing to do. It’s also a great way to build
relationships and social connections.

That’s all for description. Simple & Short.

All the best!!

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