Hi, There are many ways to promote your youtube channel and get good number of views & subscribers.

Some of the best ways to promote your channel are mentioned in this article. Feel free to read this complete article.

*Always Remind People to Subscribe, Like,
comment and share

It’s your channel, it’s your duty to it’s up to you to promote it. Start with your friends and family. Take their phone in hand, ask them, open youtube & subscribe your channel (haha).

If you feel that your friends & family will judge you on your video, don’t
promote your channel & videos with them, you will lack confidence later

If it doesn’t matters you, you can promote with them confidently.
Just tell the people in your video to subscribe, like, comment and share.
Tell them you will bring more amazing content on a day to day basis.

*Collaborate with other YouTubers
Collaboration is one of the most effective ways to expand your audience on
YouTube. Whether you’re a brand or an Independent YouTuber, working with another content creator will expose your channel to people who likely would never have heard of you.

and if they like your content, you’ve got a
new subscriber.

*Find Channels With Similar Audiences
Try to find channels which are similar to your’s, get in touch with the channel owner. You can get the channel owner email from the about us section, if not leave a comment in one of his videos…
Tell the creator that you want to have a collab with him…

If you have just started YouTube recently, try to collab with those people who have similar size (Subscribers) as of you. People who have more size than you, will mostly reject your request.

Example Collab Request:
I am a big fan of your content for the last
1 Year. I really like your channel a lot.
I too have a similar channel like you.
I would love to collaborate with you.
I think it will help each other.
Please let me know about collab….
Here is my channel link:

*The First 24 hours matter the most
The first 24 hours of the video matters the most, try to get more views and engagements in your video during these hours. Based on the views and engagements you get in the first 24 hours YouTube will boost your video further on.

The more you get views and engagements in the first 24 hrs, the more good for you. The best way to get engagement in videos is to try to share them with your friends and ask them for their genuine feedback on the comment section.

*Participate in Networking events and Meetups
One of the best ways to promote your channel is to participate in more networking events and meetups. When you participate let them know about your channel, distribute your channel visiting card and ask them to
subscribe to it.

There are many meetups happening in your city on a day to day basis.
Most are free to attend, some are paid. You can use the app named “Meetup” to look for it.

*Make Use of Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups that have the similar audience as that of your channel are a great way to get new subscribers. Just let them know about your channel or videos by posting on them

*Create a Whatsapp Group
Create a special whatsapp group for your channel. Add your friends, those who are interested, add your subscribers and so on. Post your YouTube video links regularly on the group. It keeps the people on track, They will
never miss your video.

*Ask your Audience to Share
The easiest way to promote your videos is to ask your audience to share them with others. Do this at the end of videos because loyal viewers who watch to the end are more likely to take action.

*Engage with your Viewers
Try to engage with your viewers very well. When they comment on your channel, try to reply to it as soon as possible. Engagement builds trust.

*Ask your audience questions
Ask what content they want in the future or value the most. Also ask them to talk to you in the comments section.

*Conduct Q&A sessions
Conduct weekly Q&A sessions. Answer at least 8 questions that your audience might have, doing these types of videos builds trust and bond.

*Use call to action
At the end of the video, or even somewhere in the middle, ask viewers to
like & subscribe to your channel. At the same time, you can ask them to share the video with others who might benefit from it.

Most of the YouTubers use the “Call to action” technique to increase their video reach with existing subscribers. If you have never done this before, start doing it from your next video onward.

You will be surprised to discover that by simply asking your existing subscribers, the number of shares increases to a great extent.
Try to use call to action buttons.

*Run contests
Contests are another great way to get your audience involved. With a single
video, you can collect viewer data, encourage likes or comments, and gain
● Start with a clear goal in mind
● Respect YouTube’s contest rules
and restrictions

● Choose a prize your viewers will
actually enjoy
● Don’t run fake contests
● Give Prizes to prize winners without

*The Visiting Card Trick
This one is my favourite. The goal here is to print some visiting cards for your channel and distribute it to many people as much as possible, your friends, your colleagues, your relatives and so on.

Tell them you have amazing content for them.
Ask them to subscribe to your channel.

*Promote Your Videos On Forums and Q&A Sites
Forums, Reddit and Q&A sites (like Quora) are some of the best places to promote your videos. I personally feel Reddit and quora are the best.

People visit these types of sites for two main reasons:

  1. To see new content
  2. To get their questions answered
    And your video can help with both of
    these things.

For example, let’s say that you just published a new video about Python
Programming. Your first step is to find places where Python Programming followers go to find new content about the Python Programming (like the r/python subreddit).

Then, share your video with that group. You don’t want to just drop a link to your video. Make sure to write a full post that outlines what the community could learn from your video. And hang out to answer questions and participate in the discussion. You can also use your video as a way to
answer related questions on Quora.

*Share your Videos on Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and how many more social accounts you have. Try to make use of these accounts and post your YouTube video links in them.

*Share Useful comments on other channels
If you watch some other channels videos which are similar to yours, go and
comment there. Let them know that you like their video and so on…
also let them know that you too have a channel like theirs.

*Make your channel trailer
Having a Trailer for your channel helps your audience to know better about your channel.

Make a trailer video about your channel with good creatives and graphics.
Tell the audience about your channel, tell the benefits of your channel and so on.

*Promote with Real-Life People, Friends etc
In today’s digital age and a day where friends and family interact more online than real, it is definitely a good idea to promote your videos with real-life friends, clients, and relatives.

*Buy Paid Views & Subscribers

One of the best way to get quick views & subscribers is to buy paid views and subscribers. Paid views help you in growing your numbers very quickly.

There are many in the online market who provide paid views, likes, subscribers etc.

Google Ads and YouTube Ads also provide it but they are too costly.

You can also use tubeconnect service to get paid views, likes and subscribers at very cost & high quality.


Patience is the key! YouTube takes time. More than a year or 2. Till then do not give up, do your best & continue posting videos regularly.

All the Best!

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