The one of the mission in a successful youtube journey is to fill the “About Page” with details about your channel. Make sure it is not a one liner and even not like a long essay.

The goal here is to write an average size content that tells the viewers about what your channel is about in detail.

Make sure to write what are the benefits your channel will provide to your viewers.

Also if you have any future projects on your channel, make sure to also write it. And at the last don’t forget to add your email address, contact info etc.

YouTube’s algorithm places a lot of importance on the keywords in your
About page. Use them wisely.

Examples of Bad About Page

Example 1: It’s all about Digital Marketing
Reason: It’s an one liner (You should write
it in detail, not much big not much small)

Example 2: Here you will learn many
things about Digital Marketing.

Example of Good About Page

Hi, Welcome to My Channel.
Bought your new Smartphone and don’t
know how to Make most of it?
Don’t worry , You have Come to the right
place 🙂

Whats up Guys , This is Mr Android And
here You will find All the stuff Related to
Android Such as Android Tips and tricks ,
tutorials , Customization , Apps Review,
Gadgets Unboxing And Reviews As well!

As the Name Suggests , This Channel Will
mainly be focusing on Android Stuff 🙂
So what Are you waiting for ?? Hit That
Subscribe Button ,if you Haven’t Already
And Click On the Bell Icon to stay updated…


Always have a good about page in your channel.

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